Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don’t drive on by

Several times I’ve pulled up to  a yard sale, and seen only a few items and always think about driving by. Typically I stop anyway, and I’ve discovered often there are more items to suit me at these little sales than at the  HUGE SALES, I am headed to!

Saturday was the perfect example of this. Driving around with my mom and dad we saw a sale, we pulled up to see that there was only 50 or so items laid out on a couple of card tables. My mom said, “Do you still want to stop?”

“Hmmm, no” I said not wanting to let them down if it was a wash, but then I remembered the last small sale I had succeeded at and yelled at my already lost in Seattle dad “Wait, Wait, let’s stop.”

It was an interesting family of three hosting the sale. Very cool Seattle people with an array of interesting items. These gardening clogs are simply divine. The lady proclaimed that she had loved them so much she bought them at a sale even though they were one size too small; she had dreamed of gardening in them for years. Now I could live out her dream.

The ones I got are practically brand new. They cost 2 dollars and were exactly my size.


My mom and I “staged” Sally in the shoes. What could be cuter than a cat in a big pair of red clogs. She wasn’t really having it though, not even a purple flower which she would usually devour, enticed her to wear the clogs longer than 2 or 3 seconds.

She’s missing out I tell you because they are comfortable. However, I do have a new appreciation for people in movies who work with staging animals.

Also I have a renewed appreciation for my mom how cool is she that I was all “Hey mom, would you help me? I “need” to get a picture of Sally wearing my clogs.”

My mom says “ Sounds good, where do you want her? Do you think a flower would entice her? I will try to get my feet out of the picture.”

My mom is great.

We also found this cute little fish it’s used for squeezing a lemon wedge. The juice comes out of its mouth, and it strains out the seeds. I don’t know that I will actually use him, but I love him even if he’s simply for decoration.

I may just have to use him because he looks fun, not because he’s actually a time saver. But I suppose its better to have joy then save time.009

Also this family had two 150 year old cheese graters that they sold me for one dollar. I’m excited to list them on eBay!

Although sometimes it turns out when a sale looks like it has nothing it actually has nothing, more times than not, I will find 3 or 4 wonderfully unique items which I would never be able to snag at a HUGE SALE. 

Someone would have already snapped up these delights before me, someone who wakes up much earlier than 10 am most likely.

As for now I won’t just drive by, I’m going to stop and check things out. I suppose that’s  a metaphor of sorts for my life at the moment too, trying to not just drive by my life, trying to actually examine it for the bits of wonder it contains. Hopefully I’ll find something delightful.

Happy fourth of July and Happy Thrifting !


  1. Kelsey,
    We loved smelling the roses (AKA garage sales) with you. They are banned in the Sun City Grand Community we now live in. May have to move!


  2. I love the lemon juicing fish! You have a cute blog, I love your finds :)