Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snap Shots of Summer



Swam  in swimming holes, stood under water falls, and cannon balled off diving boards.


Picked and ate gorgeous strawberries.


Bit the bullet, stopped procrastinating and obsessing over how to books, and finally canned some goods. No big deal so it turns out, and actually very fun; essentially the way most procrastination projects turn out. Ended up with strawberry preserves, brandied cherries, maraschino cherries, and pickles. The pickles turned out pretty stinking sour, but I’ve committed to working my way through the jar, and might actually be warming to their abrasive qualities.


Ate more stunning berries.


Attended many a lovely garden party on the patio with our friends, but just as often with me, myself, I and a large glass of red wine and a good book.


Cut fresh flowers.


Enjoyed lazy sunny Sunday mornings drinking coffee, reading papers, and gazing across the table at these two.


Sailed for the first time… Iowa, on the scenic waters of Saylorville Lake.

Farewell to summer.  Welcome Fall.