Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Country Roads and Camping

This weekend we headed out for a bit of solitude up in the Cascades. Typically the sounds of the city don’t bother me too much, in fact I mostly enjoy the excitement they seem to represent.

But last week I started to itch. Which manifested in a strong urge to kick a bus that honked too loudly(not that hard, but still), and the thought that maybe I should hurl an egg at the dumb motorcyclists who vroom their engines while passing by my house. Why do they have to do that?  We don’t think they are cooler or tougher, and in the words of Stephanie Tanner (yes Stefanie Tanner) “How Rude!”

About every six months country road fever sets in. Making me want to drive down windy country roads with a bit of good music, windows rolled down, and arm out the window making wave motions. (A trick I learned from my high school boyfriend driving down Highway 69 in his red Cavalier convertible. If you stick your arm out the window while driving at a mild pace of 55 or so and make the motion of a wave/snake with your arm slowly you feel as if you are actually flying. It feels so free to be on a country road with a good tune, sunshine, and your arm “flying” out the window.)

00328 dollars in camp ground fees, a tank of gas, and a bag of marshmallows/ dark chocolate bars and voila peace, quiet, and freedom the perfect two day summer vacation.  Picture taken at the top of a hike ending with an amazing Alpine Lake. Swimming was cold, yes, but certainly was wonderful.


We found a few deals along Highway 2 as well.  Although small town thrifting was not quite to my taste, (i.e. 1990’s flower shams and faux country home sweet home coat racks) as Seattle, I still found a few fun items.

Above is a photo book of Seattle from the mid nineteen-eighties. Looking through it, I fell back in love with my city and no longer was fighting urges to kick busses and egg Harley’s.


Normally I don’t buy things for the unborn children I may have in 4 or 5 years, but I totally loved these books when I was little, and have a feeling my brother, who’s five years older, is going to become a dad before I become a mom, and inherit all things saved for grandkids.

He also had a great affinity for these little books. Although there is a story that’s been circulating at family holidays for most of his life about him telling a stranger he looked just like Mr. Grumpy which he doesn’t seem to appreciate, I know he will snap them up once a little one arrives.

047 Finally I found my very own cow creamers at a decent price, FREE! The nice older lady hosting the sale insisted that I take them at no cost, as she just wanted to get rid of things and it was the end of her day, and at eleven dollars Alex and I had the made the highest amount of purchases she’d had all day with our other loot.

Initially I only wanted the lovely cow but the nice woman insisted I take the bull as well, and I am glad she did as they do make a handsome couple.


After mowing his mom’s lawn upon our return Sunday night, Alex brought me a gorgeous rose from his mom’s Garden. It looked just beautiful in the 16 cent glass jar I leave on my window sill for cups of midnight water.

Great cheap summer weekend. Life does not get better! How are you all enjoying your summer days and nights? What are your favorite free/ cheap summer past times?

Enjoy and drink in these juicy bits of summer!


  1. Ok. Now I'm totally ready for a road trip. :)

  2. Oh, I can't wait to gobble all of your blog posts...xo

  3. I promise to divide the books in half. I do not think I saved the "Mr." books, however. Moving and getting rid of so much five years ago is a regret! I too miss the Iowa gardens! Nothing grows in the desert for me. "You can take the girl out of Iowa, but it's hard to take Iowa out of the girl"-something like that anyway.
    Love, Mom

  4. I am in love with your blog! The writing AND the photos - how wonderful! They are a big breath of fresh air!

  5. Thank-you for the kind words, I am tickled you enjoy the blog :-)