Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Friday

Yes, Yard Sales are my favorite, but “The Goodwill”  (as my friend Olaiya calls it, and I decided it was so cute that I adopted the “the” as well, and will from here on out refer to it as “The Goodwill”) is a close second. (Bare with my run on sentence style of over explaining; the style in which you can’t really figure out what the sentence, before I started explaining, meant in the first place.)

When there is no time for yard saling, “The Goodwill” is really a quite delightful alternative. If my mom had a blog name it would be “The Goodwill Girl,” (and maybe someday we will join forces to dominate the thrift blogging world, she does have her masters in English…..oh yes and if my grammar is bad and my sentences are too long instead of thinking I’m dumb, just think of it as a way for a girl to rebel against her English teacher mom’s grammar oppression ;-) )  My mom has been taking me to The Goodwill for as long as I can remember. She taught me how to separate the junk from the good stuff; how to find the real wood that just needs re-done, and how to find the diamonds amongst the tchotchkes.

Because I was headed to Portland for the weekend, Friday at Goodwill was a good substitute for Saturday saling. Here are some cool things I found that I love.


Cute blue  flower bowl that I will put hair ties, chapstick, earrings, etc in on my bedside table.

Cost was 99 cents, minus 20 percent because of a 20 percent off entire purchase coupon I had from the Chinook book.


Cute little white Dansk bowl 99 cents and cool big tea pot so Alex and I can share a pot of tea instead of making it in individual cups. (For some reason saying to myself, and you all, that Alex and I will share a pot of tea just sounds so loving and wonderful. I hope to share many pots of tea with him and any one else who also enjoys the idea of sharing a pot of tea) Cost of tea pot 2 dollars and 99 cents.


My same friend Olaiya, Who says “The Goodwill”, loves these jar glasses. I’ve been looking for some tall drinking glasses, and really enjoy their simplicity, hominess,  and their elegant non-pretention. And at .16 cents a piece, I don’t think I could get a better deal at a yard sale! I did have to clean off old jam labels and scrub a bit of old dried jam off of the rims, but really that is what “The Goodwill” is all about. Putting a bit of work into the items that you find, and getting even more enjoyment out of them. 026

And just for you mom, two of those candle’s that you don’t light. They have a switch at the bottom, and they look pretty real. My mom has been trying to talk me into buying some of these for years…..yes years. So at 99 cents a piece I figured I would give my mom a bit of joy when she visits from Arizona. Perhaps I will set one on her bedside table, or enjoy a faux candle lit dinner with her.


And alas the piece de résistance, this chair. Ok ok, so I am actually still making up my mind about it. If you could sit in it though you would understand, soooooooo comfortable. I think it is kind of like me, not quite cool, just about there, but doesn’t really seem to be bothered by it’s not quite coolness. So I relate to it that way. It is going upstairs in our guest bedroom…..perhaps next to my mothers fake candles, so she can have a reminder of me and my unwillingness to match my clothes and color coordinate my rooms. I think I like how the chair seems pretty stuck on it’s just about cool and fine with that kind of vibe… that just me performing transference onto a chair….I guess some people think their cars or computers represent them, well for me it is kind of cool Goodwill chairs, it is what it is. Cost 25 dollars.

Pretty good day of deals, I got 20 percent off of all of those prices because of the coupon and ended up with some “Good” finds at The Goodwill. Have a great weekend ya’ll!

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