Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taxes and Treats

The tax return is in and it’s time for some tax refund treats. I have been keeping my eye out for the perfect Goodwill wallet for months, and the task has proved impossible. Although I love buying things for a few dollars and even better for a few pennies, sometimes,  for sturdy staples a modest splurge is warranted.

Because I don’t carry a purse, my wallet is like my purse, I carry it everywhere and I depend on it to hold a lot of coupons, quarters, and discount cards! After much thought I decided to splurge on a new wallet with real leather and not from a discount store. Here’s the wallet I have been eyeing for months. (my old one had been sewn back together by Alex two or three times, and the cardboard underneath the pleather was becoming  exposed) 034

I just loved this wallet, and think it will last me several years. It is

finely crafted and sturdy. It was on sale for 30 percent off when I first saw it at Burnt Sugar in Freemont two months ago. Hoping it would still be on sale when I came back, or that it would even still be there, I was delighted when it was and now was 40 percent off. Patience is a virtue apparently.

 007Another treat was a trip to the Boutique store Dream in Freemont. This beautiful bohemian maxi dress (I only know that is what the dress is called because the lovely lady at the store told me so) will be my signature summer dress and for those who knew me in my jam band days it fits my personality to a T. The yellow beads are a vintage wood necklace found at an estate sale for 2 dollars.

Since moving to Seattle, I’ve been coveting these beautiful scarves that seem to adorn the neck of every fashionable Seattleite.  I plan to make this a spring, fall, and winter staple, and may even wear it some chilly summer nights. It is so soft and elegant. I love it!052 Even Sally looks regal and hip sporting this scarf. Although both these items were a splurge for me considering I hardly ever pay more than 10 dollars for my clothes, I got a 100 dollar gift certificate on StrangerMart for 50 dollars a couple of weeks ago and got an extra 5 percent off by signing up for their e-mail list. I would like to put in a plug for this Boutique!  The lady working was super nice, and sometimes at boutiques the staff can be a bit 056uppity, so I was pleasantly surprised. She sent me a personal e-mail from the store telling me how nice the dress looked on me, and thanking me for my purchases, a nice little touch.

The owners of this store also own Bliss and Finch and Sparrow  in Freemont,and next time I treat myself I will be sure to stop back to these stores.

Because I am used to buying my clothes at “The Goodwill” or on clearance racks, the prices were a little high for me, but the prices were no higher than normal stores like Banana Republic or J-Crew, and were less than stores like Anthropology. They had a great sale rack with items in the 20-40 dollar range as well. The clothes were different from the chain stores, and the service was fantastic, I was also the only person in the store, and did not have to vie for a dressing room which I love….that is one of my least favorite things about buying clothes at “The Goodwill” and the Mall.

What do you like to treat yourselves to? Will you indulge in a modest splurge with your tax return? Hope that you find something lovely just for you that brightens your day, and will brighten it for many days in the future just as these sturdy staple modest indulgences will do for me. Happy tax season ya’ll! 

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