Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thrift Share Mondays


A friend of mine described this blog as “Thrift Porn”  when asked to describe it to his wife. Although some bloggers might take offense to this reference, for some reason I loved it. And to put it in his terms, I haven’t been puttin’ out lately.

I’ve been wanting to link up with The Apron Thrift Girl’s thrift share Monday for a while, so here’s a collection of pent up thrift share Mondays, and if you like “thrift porn”, there are lots of other lovely pictures of thrift linked to her site every Monday. (Although she’s much more charming with words, and would probably not use the word porn in the same sentence with these other lovely people.)

I may get some strange hits from the verbiage in this post, but I just loved his description so much I had to use it. This probably will be the last time I describe my blog as porn though because I do often use the word free as well, and the overuse of those two words might link me to some interesting searches.

Getting to the goods.


Vintage Apron, Hand Embroidered tea towel, and embroidery thread bought at a church rummage sale about a month ago for one dollar total. Cute little old ladies in a church basement can’t be beat, thrift-wise, in my opinion.


Goodwill run a few weeks ago. Sugar bowls, crock, syrup dispenser, old Sunset magazine, and cute little glass dome.  Total five dollars.

The orchid was a birthday gift to Alex and I just thought it looked pretty in the picture.The coupons are for Meyer’s stuff. My mom sent me them in the mail.  Just used them yesterday on geranium scented shower spray; the delightful scent motivates me to clean my shower.


Free post cards, I’ve collected from coffee shops for Alex. He wanted me to find a way to display them on his dresser, so I found this metal picture holder at a garage sale for 25 cents.


This sideboard is a new favorite. I don’t hate the color as much as some might assume, but do think it will end up getting refinished because Alex can’t take the pea green. The pulls turn me off more than the color, so I will need to find some interesting pulls once it is refinished.


It will provide a wonderful place to hold entertaining swag (extra glasses, plates, napkins, platters, candles, etc.) I’ve been stashing that stuff in an upstairs closet, and it will be much more convenient to have everything so close to the dining room.  Perhaps it may even motivate me to entertain  more. The cost was 60 dollars at an estate sale.

The white platter is Frankoma, bought at a yard sale for 2 dollars. Finally after searching for platters all summer this beautifully simple white one came into my world, and when I came home I discovered the Frankoma etching on the bottom and fell in love even more.


I wander past the hundreds of shoes at “The Will” each and every time I go. I have yet to find a thing that is in my size and doesn’t smell like a gym loccer, so I  was therefore stunned to find the Red Earth Shoes, that I had been planning to buy anyway perched on their racks in my size, in great condition and costing 6 dollars and 99 cents as opposed to the 100 dollars plus tax they cost new. I felt as though the thrift gods had shined upon me that day. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

Hope you enjoyed the thrift peep show and happy Thrift Share Monday ya’ll!


  1. Your photos, homes, and finds are lovely. Love your still lives! I love the thrift porn, live for it. Hell, I wrote an article on thrift porn :) --> ( And since your blog qualifies as thrift porn, I'll be back for more!

  2. Love the sideboard! And wow, the shoes. Isn't it amazing to find just what you need sometimes?

  3. I really like the sideboard color, actually.

  4. Have you seen the retro-inspired knobs/pulls at Anthropologie? They're funky/glam enough that a different paint colour might not even seem necessary. Also, I encourage your quest for urban chickens: I've had mine 4 years now, and it's been a fantastic (addictive/therapeutic) experience!

  5. Thrift Porn is exactly right! I look forward to the show every Monday Via ATG--Sometimes I even contribute. I especially look forward to your scores because you do not share vintage christmas or shabby chic--which are not my thing. Love the green side board. That's my favorite color.