Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poppies and Dahlias

Yesterday while catching up on my annual birthday month zodiac research, I discovered that the Leo power flowers are poppies and dahlias. Of course.

Ever since I first spied both of these flowers I’ve been mesmerized by their peculiar beauty, and drawn to them in a weird way as if they were a form of soul mate that I would like to share my life with. Sort of like how you feel about your favorite songs and books. Like they know you or represent you; they mean something to you on some weird emotional level.


This little poppy coaster was purchased months ago for 50 cents at an estate sale, and it has been something I’ve enjoyed waking up to for no good reason ever since.

Disclosure: Yes I am a little freaky mystical sometimes, one friend describes talking about stuff like this as coming out of the purple closet. I do know how absurd things like this seem, and I really have no science to back me up, but when I experience strong emotions to things for no reason it feels like it means something. Who knows what, but something.

I didn’t grow up with poppies or dahlias in fact I didn’t even know that either existed until my early twenties.The first time I laid eyes on a poppy, their papery whimsical petals and wiry stems which seemed to defy gravity by supporting their big orange heads amazed me. They have fascinated me ever since.

091Over the weekend (Before reading about the Leo power flowers) on my normal thrifting rounds, I picked up this blue poppy table cloth, at “The Will” for 3 dollars and 99 cents, and although I have never seen a blue poppy, a quick search on Google revealed that they do exist in the Himalayan mountains. I shall dream to spy a real blue poppy in person someday. The table cloth will suffice till then.  It’s simply lovely, and I can’t wait to have it as a guest to a backyard picnic.

The first time I saw a dahlia was when my friend Robin brought me one at a dinner party 5 years ago. The flower’s complicated simplicity was contradictory and intriguing. It was like it was almost a rose, but was so much more complex yet more simple at the same time. I know that’s a ridiculous juxtaposition, but its what the dahlia is, complicated simplicity. Intricate close up and simple from afar. But beautiful from everywhere.


This one dollar dahlia (Isn’t it wonderful how a few simple stems can be even more beautiful that an elaborate expensive bouquet) too was purchased prior to reading about the Leo flowers.

Coincidence? Ok, probably, but it did freak me out a little. (In a good way) But mostly it made me excited for my birthday month and the stars aligning to Leo for their brief yearly stint. I’m excited to revel in the Leo days of summer. Looking forward to a great 28th year of life, and a wonderful August.

Hope you all enjoy my favorite month of the year, the dog days of summer, and this time in Leo. Time to roar. (In a nice way)


  1. If you get bored or feel like doing even more zodiac research-- feel free to research me!! (Pisces, March 17).

    I love this stuff!

  2. I'm Aquarius-what are my flowers? My Grandmother grows beautiful poppies in her garden and every year since I was tiny tiny she has taken mine and my sister's photos in front of them. I now have orange shoes that match their color.

  3. Stefanie- http://astrospeak.indiatimes.com/articleshow/4696738.cms

  4. Yummy. Blue Poppies. Sigh. Are you a Leo? I am a Leo. I love being a Leo. Heehee.

  5. I am a Leo. Leo's rock....I felt a connection to your blog for a reason, I always love other Leos :-)

  6. Happy Birthday, fellow Leo!
    Great entry. You could be the "go-to" person for information about zodiac birth-month flowers!

  7. Dad and I loved your blog this month. Very beautiful writing! We will know what flowers to buy at your farmers' market next visit.

    Happy Birthday to our Lovely Leo!

  8. Thanks for the comment! I wish I had sheets and curtains and dresses from that print too.

  9. I love those flowers too. I think they make such a great statement!